Circle h Farm

--- Dexter, Oregon ---

Circle h Farm is a certified organic farm, growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs for local markets. Circle h delivers CSA boxes to Eugene, Dexter, and Oakridge, Oregon. Also can be found at the Lane County Farmers' Market.

Our Story

Circle h Farm is a family-operated organic farm located on Lost Creek, near Dexter, in the Southern Willamette Valley. Run by a brother and sister team, the Circle h name comes from our great-grandparents who owned the land the farm is on. They used a circle h brand on their cattle. We are privileged to be one of the passing generations to enjoy this beautiful land. 2018 is our 10th year selling vegetables, fruits, and herbs through CSA, farmers markets, and to wholesale accounts. One of our greatest pleasures is providing satisfying, healthy work in a rural community. Farming is a  lifestyle, not just a job.

Organic Production

For us, being certified organic means:

  • rotating crops to ensure healthy soil and help keep pests in balance. A diversity of crops is more resilient than monoculture.
  • using natural systems like nitrogen fixation, native pollinators, and natural pest controls like birds and predatory insects
  • using compost to promote biologically diverse soils and create nutrient-dense food - in our case we use local organic dairy goat manure. It means a lot of materials moving and time, but we strive for closed-loop systems
  • buying organic seeds, which supports other organic systems
  • farming for future generations, whether by controlling compaction and erosion on our ground, or decreasing carbon inputs for the health of the global environment

Farm-produced paper potting trays and soil blocks are new ways we are reducing our use of plastics. Soil blocks use air space to separate plant roots. Our home-grown paper pots are made of recycled paper and designed to be planted with the seedling. 

Field operations are off the electric grid

-     Our irrigation system uses solar panels to pump water to a tank at the high point of the farm. From there it is distributed by gravity to the fields. 

-     We use an earthen root cellar to keep produce cool after it is harvested - no electricity needed!

-     We use a thermsyphon to heat the table under our germinating seeds and young seedlings. This means no electricity needed to circulate the warm water that keeps our starts safe from spring frosts.